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IRIENCE - High security solution group

2016년 September 5일

Public phone booth will be renewal to ‘Fintech’ check point.

< CEO of Neo ICP, CEO of Secucen, President of Gyeonggi CCEI, CEO of KT linkus and CEO of Irience (from left to right) have signed […]
2016년 September 5일

IRIENCE provides iris recognition solution to all the branches of the state-run VHS Medical Center.

IRIENCE Co., Ltd (CEO. Sung-hyun Kim) which specializes in iris recognition solution is set to provide iris recognition solutions for access control system based on biometrics […]
2014년 November 24일

MBC Newsdesk

2014년 November 24일

Channel IT ‘Smart show’

2014년 November 24일

Arirang TV ‘Korea Today’