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IrisKey III is a handheld iris reader that offers the latest in verification and security. It uses iris recognition, the most accurate and definite form of biometric. The compact and lightweight form factor is portable and designed for users to hold with two hands. It works with USB 2.0 devices. Handheld or on a mount, extremely fast matching operation takes less than 1 second, contactless and as easy as looking into a mirror. IrisKey III is robust and reliable enough to secure PC, high-value transactions, restrict permission to databases, and protect information systems for commercial settings. It comes with our enrollment and iris-matching software including full encryption protection of templates. Its low cost will be most economical to integrate iris biometric solutions to your applications. Standard software consist PC logon and hidden folder utilities for personal use, corporate settings managing sensitive data, to public workflow environments requiring information disclosure.

Key Features


Log-On Function
This logon manager program is part of IrisKeySec utility that increases both security and convenience by adding iris recognition to the Windows logon procedure. Logon manager adds a iris capture screen, which allows users to log on to Windows with their iris using IrisKeyIII camera in addition to, or as an alternative to password or a smart card. If iris recognition not used, disconnect IrisKey3 camera from computer, then start or reboot computer to login via password.


Hidden Folder Function
This function can be blocked by antivirus, security programs, or programs that do not take Microsoft’s PE format which may not allow hooking functions, etc. In addition, some programs have self-protection not possible to allow hidden folders. Hide folders and hide feature is available only folder you created yourself, all files themselves are not hidden. If hidden folder is a system folder, or if the folder that is used by other programs, it will cause problem and must be the folder you created yourself. Do not hide the folder used by the System folder or any other programs

Item Minimum Specification Recommended Specification
OS Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3 Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 and above, Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 32/64bit, Professional Version. NOT SUPPORTED: Server Version
CPU Intel i3 3.0GHz More than Intel i5 3.0GHz
RAM 2GB More than 2GB
HDD 100GB or more of free space 300GB or more of free space
Image Standard ISO/IEC 19794-6 Iris Image Standard
Optical Design Optimized Iris Image and Fast Shutter Speed (30 frame/sec)
Size of Device 10.8cm (W) X 3.3cm (L) X 2.8cm (H) , 4.25” (W) X 1.29” (L) X 1.1” (H)
Distance Operational Iris imaging distance 15cm~20cm
Resolution Iris Image Pixel Resolution 640X480pixels, 8bit grayscale
Speed / Interface Verification Speed (under 1 sec) / USB2.0
Certification CE , FCC, KC, Eyesafty IEC 62471:2006

Caution Before Operation

  • Please check IrisKey3 connection status. Only IrisKey3 camera is supported.
  • Please check whether license provided match MAC address, and internet networking status.
  • Please check date & time of BIOS and OS system must match.
  • Please make sure that whether user’s account type for installation is administrator. If it is not an administrator account, it may not operate properly.
  • Please check for other security or antivirus programs that may interrupt installation, and must stop their program during IrisKeySec installation.
  • Supported resolution 640×480 and above.
  • After installation or program removal, rebooting is required.
  • After installation, user is not permitted to delete or modify registry and settings, else cause forced terminations or illegal operations, and normal operations not guaranteed. For correct usage, please read the manual carefully.