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Iris Access Controller

Linux Embedded
Iris Access Controller
ARM Cortex A9 1.4GHz

EYEMASTER is an iris recognition access controller which enrolls and
authenticates two eyes simultaneously to the exact. Embedded type and
Separate type is optionally available. As non-contact type, iris recognition
technology brings the higher security and convenience than contact-type
biometrics. Further, it is suitable for various solutions and applications.
EYEMASTER reflects users various preference with RFID cards interlocking service and users can easily use it through the LCD instructions

• Embedded Stand-Alone type & Server authentication type available
• RFID cards and PASSWORD options
• Excellent Authentication Rate even though wearing glasses & goggles
• Including distance guidance function on LCD frame
• Iris & Face Image Capture
• ISO 19794-6 Iris Image Data Standard
• Easy Enrollment/Authentication
• Contactless & Convenient Authentication
• Can be used regardless of user’s height with slide tilting method


Item Recommended Specification
CPU A83T (ARM Cortex™-A7, Octa-Core,1.8GHz)
Memory 1024MB DDR3 / 16GB eMMC
Image Standard Meets ISO 19794-6 ;
exceeds 4.0 lp/mm @ > 60% contrast
Template Capacity 30,000 users
Recognition Distance 40 ~ 45 cm
Verification Time Within 1 second
Temperature -20 ~ 60℃
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed. Touch LCD, Tcp /ip
Recognition Speed Recognition Speed (under 1 sec / 2,000Users)
Power Support Independent power supply require :
5,000 mA at 12.0V (supplied with system)
Size 194 x 134 x 106 mm

* Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Installation Configuration


Access PUSH Message Function(Option)