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PASS6060 is iris recognition access controller which enrolls and authenticates oen eye simultaneously to the exact. As non-contact type, iris recognition technology brings the higher security and convenience than contact-type biometrics. Further, it is suitable for various solutions and applications.
PASS6060 is available to capture both eye and face at once and make users enrolling and authenticate easily and conveniently.
Followed on International Standard(ISO19794-6) has applied high quality iris image processing and superior IRIENCE iris algorithm.




ECU(Embedded PC)


Operating Program


  • Excellent Authentication Rate even though wearing Mask & Goggles
  • State-of-the-Art Optical Design
    Optimized Iris Image and Fast Shutter Speed (30 frame/sec)
  • ISO/IEC Standard
    ISO19794-6 Iris Image Standard
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
    Offering automatic iris capture according to user’s height It can be adjusted as up and down at 30 degrees
  • Easy Enrollment / Alarm Service
    Registration is easy using the WiFi Mobile APP(Android/IOS) and mobile message alarm service(Option)
  • Identification Time
    Less than 1 sec. (2,000 templates) It is subject to be changed according to system specification.Face Image Capture
    Face Image Capture once IRIS Enrollment and Authentication


  • State-of-the-Art Optical Design
  • ISO 19794-6 IRIS Standard-Compliant
  • Contactless and easy-to-use enrollment/verification
  • Compatible with other devices (RF card Reader)
  • Mobile Enrollment App(WiFi) and Access PUSH Solution (Option)
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Quick and easy two eyes capturing (30 frame/1sec)
  • Easy Installation of access control & time attendance s/w
  • Mobile enrollment using WiFi. (Option)
  • PUSH solution for managing employees using mobile message (Option)
Item Contents
Max. number of access terminal 250 Terminals
Programs -
OS -
Maximum user 2,000 users
Recognition Distance -
Iris Image Pixel Resolution Average 240 pixels 11.5mm diameter iris
1:1 Verification Time Less than 1-2 sec.
1:N Identification Time Less than 1-2 sec. (4,000 templates)
It is subject to be changed according to system specification.
Iris Template Size 1.2 K bytes/Two Eyes
Processor Cortex A9 Quad Core 1.4GHz(Linux)
OS -
System Memory 8G Flash Memory, 1G DRAM
Template Capacity 2,000 User ( 2 Templates/ 1 User)
Interface TCP/IP(WAN,LAN), USB(Wifi), Wiegand RS-232, RS-422, GPIO, System Reset S/W
Power Support -
Temperature -
S/W Features
Integrated GUI with Access Control & T&A Function -Provide user friendly UI
-Access Control & T&A Function supportable
Precise Access Control Management Visitor and Work Performance Management, Worker Grade Management, Easy Visitor Control
Operation Cost/ Expense Reduction -The number of Patrols and Facility Management Cost Cut-down
-Efficient use of wok time and increasing reliability
Through classifying individual and department, periodical searching available -Entry, T&A, Attendance, Parking etc,
-High Stability of Segmentalized Code Management
Smartphone Application User Registration and Searching via Smart Phone

System Configuration


ECU Specification

Classification Specification
Processor ARM Cortex A9 Quad Core 1.4GHz
Memory 8GB Flash, 1G DRAM
Interface 1WAN, 1LAN, 4 USB Host, 1 USB Slave, 2 Wiegand Ouput, 1 WiegandInput(Clock & Data(MSR)), 1 RS-232, 1 RS-422, 1 Relay, 2 GPI, 2 GPO, System Reset S/W
Tamper Switch On board tamper switch
LED Indication Power, Ethernet Link, Status
Sound Output 2 Channel sound output
DC Power DC12V, 2A(11V~14.5V)