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IRIS Scope (for Outdoor)

IRIS Scope is a rugged iris recognition device that enrolls and authenticates one eye simultaneously to the exact for all lighting conditions. Following International Standard (ISO19794-6), IRIS Scope inherit other IRIENCE models in high quality iris image processing and superior IRIENCE iris algorithm. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor, regardless of time of day, sun position, or shadows. Users require minimal interaction by only looking into the device. Once they are enrolled, the system performs identity verification in less than a second and identifies up to 15 users per minute. The unit is a complete solution with portable ECU or PC/notebook, handheld or fixed onto tripod or station. Applications not limited to security access. It includes worker time attendance management in construction, venues where individuals wait in line for registration, and general building access integrating with turnstile/gate system. Using accuracy and convenience of iris recognition, IRIS Scope from Irience is less expensive than similar devices on the market.



  • Dimensions : -
  • Weight : -
  • Iris Diameter : 240 pixels for average 11.5mm diameter iris
  • Iris Image Pixel Resolution : 640 x 480 pixels, 8bit(ISO19794-6)
  • Operating Iris Imaging Distance : 350 to 380mm
  • Time of Capture : Typically around 1 sec, From time to head placement
  • IR Illumination for Iris Imaging : Dual LED: 850nm(~60%), 750nm(~40%)
  • Eye Safety Standard : IEC 62471, IEC 60825-1
  • Interface : USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Power : USB 2.0(500mA at 5V) No additional power required
  • Certifications : CE, FCC, USB-IF, RoHS, WHQL



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