Public phone booth will be renewal to ‘Fintech’ check point.

IRIENCE provides iris recognition solution to all the branches of the state-run VHS Medical Center.
2016년 September 5일

Public phone booth will be renewal to ‘Fintech’ check point.


< CEO of Neo ICP, CEO of Secucen, President of Gyeonggi CCEI, CEO of KT linkus and CEO of Irience (from left to right) have signed a MOU. >
It attracts attention whether public phone booths are renewal to ‘FinTech’ place according to popularization of smartphone.
Secucen, KT linkus, Irience, NeoICP, and Gyeonggi CCEI start business to change from public phone booth to ATM which enables non face-to-face authentication. They have signed a MOU for promoting jointly non face-to-face authentication business.

Public phone booths are placed in accessible location in the main city area. According to diffusion of Smartphone, public phone booths were the despair of cities, but they are being searched as new place. One of them is an ATM booth which is added to function of non-face-to-face authentication. Non face-to-face transaction booths will be expanded instead of reducing booths.

Five institutions develop ‘Biometric-based public phone ATM ’and replace existing public phone. Also, public phone ATM will turn into service check point of financial transactions and non face-to-face authentication.
Recently, the one day transfer limit of non face-to-face based mobile accounts is only 300,000 won. It is difficult to use as main account because it is issued in limited financial transactions account.