IRIENCE - High security solution group

[We are recruiting talented individuals who are willing to dream and grow with Irience, a company specializing in iris recognition.]


We always dream of a better life and a better future. The game changers never dwell in reality. They are passionate about creating a better future. 3D Eye Pictures is looking for talented individuals who put time and effort into realizing their potential. Our ideal employee is dedicated to self-development and to bringing change. He or she is a professional who takes pride in his/her trade. Being a team-oriented person, the talent has a long-term vision that can improve the organization. IRIENCE is looking for passionate, challenge-thirsty persons who would like to see their dreams come true.

  1. No discrimination on receiving candidates in terms of education, gender, or age. We are open for all applicants from various backgrounds.
  2. Please refer to “Business” on our website for more information and what you will be doing for Irience.
  3. Even if you are not selected for this recruitment session, we will get back to you and notify you in the future for a new position available.
  4. The application you submit to Irience will only be viewed by our HR representative for recruitment purposes.


  • Type of employment : for experienced employees – full-time job
    New recruits – 3-month internship period
  • Employment field : Planning / SW development / Marketing, Sales
  • Number of employees to hire : 0 persons

Application Requirements

  1. Resume with salary requirement, photograph, and contact number; a self-introduction is a must
  2. Portfolio and statement of career (projects that you took part in)

Employment Process

  • Process : Candidates will be contacted for an interview after examining their application papers.

1st Process
Submit your resume, portfolio, and career achievements online.


2nd Process: Interview with the team manager
Those who pass the 1st step will be interviewed


3rd Process: Interview with the director
Those who pass the 2nd step will be interviewed by the director-level staff.(Director)


Notification of successful candidates
If successful, you will be notified of your joining date.

Misc Information

  1. Those eligible for priority employment will be given preference according to related laws.
  2. Those with experience, academic background, and certificates in related fields will be given priority.
  3. Candidates and employees who are found to have falsified information in their application will be disqualified or terminated immediately if applicable.
  4. Interview candidates must submit copies of their diploma, transcript, and language proficiency certificate. The documents will not be returned.
  5. Anyone who is not eligible for international travel will be disqualified.