• 2014

    Feb. KC certification of PASS5050 B/B+/C
    Mar. KC certification of ECU100
    Apr. Exports and enhancing support project convention with Korean Medium Business Administration
    Apr. Participated in LasVegas ISC West
    Jun. Moved to new office (BYC Highcity → Namsung Plaza)
    Aug. Developed Iriskey3
    Aug. KTT BMT
    Sep. KICC and IRIENCE signed a MOU
    Oct. Obtaining of Iriskey3 Eye safety(IEC 62471)
    Oct. Medium business international standards certification convention
    Oct. Investment and convertible bonds of KICC
    Nov. Participated in Security China
    Nov. Selection of Technology development Business
    Nov. Participated in Air force Information and communication development Seminar
    Dec. Building of mass production system of Iriskey3
    Dec. Developed Iris Scope
  • 2013

    Dec. KT and IRIENCE signed a bilateral MOU
    Nov. MBC News desk/Evening News Broadcast
    Nov. Company name is changed to IRIENCE Co., Ltd.
    Sep. Arirang TV Broadcast
    Aug. Launched “PASS 5050”
  • 2012

    Dec. Participated in China Security Show 2012 (Beijing, China)
    May Participated in IFSEC (Birmingham, UK)
    Mar. Participated in ISC West (Las Vegas, US)
    Jan. Participated in Intersec (Dubai, UAE)
  • 2011

    Nov. Participated in CPSE Security World Expo (Shenzhen, China)
    Nov. Launched “Pass 3030” a multimodal access control device with iris and facial recognition
    Nov. Registered patent for iris recognition (Japan)
    Nov. Participated in Security World Expo (Mumbai, India)-(China Sourcing Fair)
    Oct. Participated in Hong Kong Security World Expo (China Sourcing Fair)
    Jun. Participated in Security World Expo
    Jun. Released time attendance program for IrisKey
    Jun. Released “Iris LogOn” program for Windows
    Jun. Released iris recognition algorithm V3.0
    Apr. Launched (4cm) “IrisKey”
    Mar. Released iris recognition algorithm V2.0
    Mar. Launched “M300” camera integrated iris recognition module
    Feb. Launched (25cm) iris recognition camera
  • 2010

    Oct. Developed and launched “Pass 2020” access control device with iris recognition
    Jun. Participated in Security World Expo
    Apr. Established I-Lock Global Co., Ltd.
    Apr. Performance evaluation certification of the iris recognition algorithm BSC 10-001, K-NBTC
    Apr. Launched (10cm) “IrisKey”