IRIENCE - High security solution group


How are you? This is IRIENCE CEO Sung-Hyun Kim.
Misuse and appropriation of personal information have given rise to various security measures and solutions. Iris recognition form of biometric is the foremost and highly stable solution in personal security protection.
Iris recognition was not previously in the public spotlight as a common security solution, even though its technical characteristic is considered highest. We have been developing since 2000 and market now is ready through our engineering effort for wide adoption in security and finance industry. We continue in our specialty in research and development for safeguard of individual information.

IRIENCE has been developing iris recognition technology for more than 15 years. This technology utilizes algorithm, optics, and architecture, with our iris recognition algorithm tested in the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), based on proprietary technology and integration for the highest performance and price competitiveness aiming to serve the customer.
IRIENCE specializes in physical access control, logical access control product development, mobile, laptop, tablet, development of embedded iris camera for the PC, easy payment solution and cloud iris authentication server solution for mobile banking using iris recognition, as well as OEM CPU board and I/F board used for biometric products design and production.

Also our effort in IRIENCE core technology and patent applications have resulted in available Windows, Linux, and Android-based iris recognition platform. Modern society has become a world increasing conduct payment, shopping, banking, community, and the Internet over smartphones only. In other words, smartphone contain valuable information of individuals too easily exploited by criminals and increasingly so.
IRIENCE has completed the development to help protect customers’ personal and financial information of smartphone to solve these problems, in cooperating with payment terminal operators and telecommunications companies in securing your smartphone. We will deploy solution with IRIENCE technology very shortly.

In Korea, uniquely iris algorithm developed by our own in-house engineers, as well as internally software optimize and building on own technology for pure speed and progress, partnering with the hardware built by subsidiaries design house NarTech whose purpose is in this specialty. Their experience is very well the nation’s leading professional company in iris development.

We strive with no content in iris recognition technology until the day we are the world’s best and continue do all our best here at IRIENCE.
Meanwhile, please have our sincere thanks to you in your interest for being part of IRIENCE as our customers. I would continue to support with constant encouragement.

Thank you.